Everything You Need to Know about Black Salt

What is black salt?

Black salt is a common ingredient in every Indian home. Indian cuisine is incomplete without black salt.

The unique flavor of Himalayan black salt can change the taste of your favorite dishes. However, the salt has more to offer than just its flavorful taste.

This article will take you through the A to Z of black salt including its uses and health benefits. From what is black salt to black salt types and where to buy black salt, we have got everything covered.

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Black salt

What is Black Salt?

You will find various types of black salt in the market. However, Himalayan black salt prevails as the most common one.

So, what is black salt? It is a rock salt that generates from the salt traps of India, Nepal, parts of the Himalayas, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Ayurvedic medicine was the first to use black salt. Since then, black salt has become a part of a holistic and traditional course to health. Ayurvedic healers have been believing in the therapeutic qualities of black salt for ages.

However, Himalayan black salt has a pinkish-brown color despite its name.

Now that we already know what black salt is, let's move on to the black salt benefits and uses.

Himalayan Black Salt

What is the Common Black Salt Uses?

If you are wondering about the black salt uses, you need to learn its types first. Black salt is generally available in the following three types –

  • Himalayan black salt
  • Black lava salt
  • Black ritual salt

Himalayan Black Salt

Himalayan black salt is also known as Kala namak or Indian black salt. Most of the black salt uses come from its medicinal properties. However, a few research reports are supporting these claims.

Himalayan black salt has umami, pungent and savory flavor. Most Indian and Asian cuisine have black salt as a common ingredient.

Himalayan black salt uses extend beyond the traditional Asian dishes. It is often used in vegan cooking to add an egg-like aroma. The subtle sulfurous flavor of black salt is quite similar to that of eggs.

Black Lava Salt

Black lava salt draws its origin from Hawaii. It is also known as Hawaiian black salt. Black lava salt has a blackish hue and stands valid to its name.

Black lava salt has an earthy flavor which adds a distinctive taste to your dishes. Most people use it as a finishing salt by sprinkling it on the dishes at the end of their cooking.

You can also add it to dishes to add a smoky flavor. The black lava salt comes with a smoky yet mild taste that can be used to create various smoky cuisines.

Black Lava Salt

Black Ritual Salt

Also known as witches salt, black ritual salt is a mixture of sea salt, charcoal, ashes, and black dye. This salt is not meant for consumption.

Many people believe that this salt comes with magical abilities that can protect you from negative spirits. However, this claim is still not supported by science.

Believers may store it in a jar and keep it under their beds. You can also sprinkle the black ritual salt around your yard. However, these superstitious practices are most likely to be harmless.

These are some of the most common black salt uses. But can you make your black salt? If not, where to buy black salt?

How to make black salt?

Wondering about where to buy black salt? Well, you can find it in both online and brick-and-mortar stores. You can also make black salt at home. However, if you want it for consumption you need to purchase it from outside.

Some black salts are mixed with spices, herbs, and seeds. These salts are then heated against high temperatures.

Some black salts are also synthetically made from a mixture of ferric sulfate, sodium chloride, sodium sulfate, and sodium bisulfate. The salts are then blended with charcoal. Manufacturers heat the salt before delivering the final product.

Black lava salt is created out of volcanic lava. Manufacturers mix activated charcoal with sea salt to make black lava salt.

Now, if you are curious about where to buy black salt for rituals or spirituals purposes, you can make them at home. Things required for making DIY black salt –

  • 2 parts of sea salt
  • 1 part of fine ash generated from the fire pit
  • 1 part of cast iron scrapings
  • 1 part of grounded black pepper
  • 1 part of black food color

Many users of black ritual salt recommend using lamp light and black chalk dust. However, you can need to adjust the portion of the ingredients a bit depending on your availability of the products.

However, you can't use this salt in your food items. You can only DIY the black salt that is used in Hexing and Cursing.

Now, that you already know where to buy black salt let us jump onto the black salt benefits.

Black Salt Benefits

What are the Common Black Salt Benefits?

The black salt benefits are a never-ending list. To start, black salt comes with fewer additives than your regular table salt. Traditional black salt is made with minimal additives and processing.

Regular table salt also has anti-caking agents that can often harm your health. These agents are added to prevent lump formation in regular table salt.

Some cheap quality table salts may contain certain harmful additives like aluminum silicate and potassium iodate. Potassium iodate can boost the oxidation of fat which will put you at a greater risk of several diseases.

However, all additives present in salt are not harmful. Table salt is rich in iodine which helps to reduce iodine deficiency in people. Now, let us dive into the black salt benefits.

Stimulates Digestion

If you are suffering from any digestion issue, black salt will serve as an incredible remedy. It helps to boost the generation of bile juices in your liver. It will also help to boost the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

The secretion of bile juices will reduce flatulence and aid digestion.

Reduces Bloating

Suffering from bloating? Well, black salt has got you covered. The unique mineral composition of black salt helps to bring down flatulence and bloating.

Black salt is rich in manganese, sodium chloride, iron, sulfate, and ferric oxide which helps with bloating and reduction of gases.

Provides Relief from Heartburn

Ayurvedic practitioners use black salt to reduce heartburn. It helps to reduce reflux, acid levels, and other GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) symptoms.

Regulates your Blood Pressure

One of the best alternatives to white salt is black salt. It works as a raw blood thinner and regulates your blood pressure. However, you must refrain from higher intakes as it can interfere with your natural blood pressure.

Healthy people can consume up to 6 grams of black salt per day whereas people with a high BP must limit per day intake to 3.75 grams.

black salt benefits

Eases Severe Muscle Cramps

A sudden muscle cramp in your calf muscle can be a sign of dehydration. It can also indicate extra stress on the leg muscles.

Black salt is rich in potassium which aids the ideal functioning of your leg muscles. It also protects you from sudden and painful cramps.

Treats Sinusitis

Black salt is a blessing for people with sinusitis and respiratory issues. You can mix black salt in hot water and heat the solution. Inhaling this mixture will open your clogged nostrils.

Black salt also helps to soothe your throat and provide relief from dry cough. You can also gargle the solution to soothe your inflamed tonsils.

Boost Iron Content

The presence of various useful natural minerals in black salt helps to improve your iron content. Many doctors recommend using black salt instead of regular table salt to fight anemia.

However, you must consult your doctor before adding it to the food of a child.

where to buy black salt

What is the difference between black salt and pink salt?

The first difference between the black salt and the pink salt is their appearance. Pink salt comes in a pink shade with a subtle orange hue. In some rare cases, you will find pink Himalayan salt in the shade of white.

Himalayan black salts are extracted from mines. These salts are shaped out of large chunks. However, Himalayan black salt does not form naturally. Manufacturers add spices, herbs, and charcoal to form Himalayan salt.

Black salt has a purple or reddish-brown hue. The addition of charcoal helps to bring the black color.

The second difference is the composition of the two salts. Pink Himalayan salt comes with 84 trace minerals and is known as the purest salt.

Black salt has a similar composition to pink salt. However, during the prolonged heating process at high temperatures, some of the trace minerals may be lost.

Final Thoughts

Most people in Asia are aware of the black salt. However, if you still have not used black salt in your Indian dishes, it's time to buy some.

The unique flavor and smoky taste profile of the black salt can help to enhance the taste of your dishes. However, the health benefits of black salt still need more research. Till then you can continue diving into its delicious taste.

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