Health benefits of a salt lamp

What Are the Health Benefits of Using a Salt Lamp?

While regular table salt does not reflect color, Himalayan salt casts a pink hue. Himalayan salts originated from the Himalayas in Pakistan, and comprise 98% sodium chloride along with trace minerals, such as zinc, potassium, and magnesium. These trace minerals in the salt give it a pinkish, and sometimes, an orange-pink tone.

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Health benefits of having a Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan pink salt or HPS, when used in large pieces, creates various configurations for Himalayan salt lamps. The natural and soothing lamps provide a subdued glow and help allergy sufferers or anyone else who wants to feel refreshed.

Himalayan salt lamp benefits are varied, as the salt of the lamp can be used to reduce the bacteria and mold in the air or eliminate insomnia. Not only do the lamps make great night lights, they neutralize the impact of the use of electronics.

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Place the Lamps in Various Areas of the Home

You can place salt lamps in just about every area of your home, as doing so will add to the décor, as well as improve your overall mood and wellbeing. Because the lamps are hygroscopic, or absorb water, they attract the pollutants and bacteria that make people feel sick. Therefore, they can be used to draw the contaminants to their surfaces while effectively eliminating them from the air.

With that being said, the hygroscopic quality of the salt also carries a Himalayan salt lamp warning. If you see water puddles where you place a lamp, the lamp’s metal service may have corroded. Salt water and metal equals puddling. Also, if the base is made of wood and your lamp sweats to some degree, it can also become corroded. To combat these problems, place the salt lamp on a placemat and keep it dry, especially in more humid environments, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or basement.

However, the above warning pales by comparison to what you can receive by using a Himalayan salt lamp. That is because the lamp produces negative ions, which frequently occur in nature. These ions are produced from ocean waves, sunlight, and lightning. According to experts who regularly conduct salt lamp benefit research, negative ions increase oxygen flow to the brain. Therefore, using a lamp leads to less tiredness and increased and higher attention spans.

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The same ions also guard against bad germs and lower the number of airborne particles that trigger sneezing, throat irritations, and coughing. Spending time in nature will increase negative ion exposure. For instance, the concentration of negative ions in a beach area is far greater than negative ions in cities. Positive ions, on the other hand, are produced by electronics, such as microwaves, televisions, and computers. These types of ions can worsen health problems, such as sleep disorders or allergies.

The negative ions produced from the natural illumination of a Himalayan salt lamp neutralize positive ions and assist in cleansing away the toxins in the air. The soothing glow the lamps transmit make people feel relaxed. Therefore, if you want to neutralize the positive ions generated by electronics, place a Himalayan salt lamp near PCs or on your entertainment center.

Did the Lamp Come From Pakistan?

Himalayan salt lamp uk

With that being said, you may want to ask the following: “How do I know salt lamp is real?” You can determine its authenticity by finding out where it originated. Because Himalayan salt comes from the western boundaries of the Himalayan mountains, find out your lamp’s country origin. It should be on the bottom section of the packaging. It the salt for the lamp does not come from Pakistan, it’s not real.

However, you still need to be careful. Some unscrupulous business people will show that the lamp came from Pakistan when, in fact, it did not. To verify further, you need to see if the salt of the lamp is hygroscopic. The lamp, if it is real, should naturally sweat. If it remains dry, it is not a real lamp. The lamp will eventually dissolve, if it is genuine, after it is used for awhile.

Did You Find Salt Residue?

Should you find crumbs in the box of the lamp that is shipped to you, that is a good thing. Himalayan salt should naturally chip or crumble. Also, survey the light that the lamp transmits. It should convey a medium pink to orangish hue that will cause you to fall asleep. An irregular pattern of deep and vibrant shades will confirm that the lamp is genuine.

Salt lamp health benefits

Also, keep in mind, that genuine Himalayan salt lamps are priced higher. This higher price tag will provide the following Himalayan salt benefits.

  1. Improved Air Quality

Because of the lamp’s tendency to absorb moisture, it also absorbs annoying pollutants, or the contaminants that attach themselves to the water molecules. People breathe easier and suffer less from allergies, respiratory distress, and headaches.

  1. Better Moods

The lamps boost energy levels and produce better moods, they are particularly helpful for anyone experiencing seasonal affective disorder or SAD. The negative ions that are produced elevate the mood.

  1. Reduced Stress

Because the lamp imparts a relaxing glow, you will feel more restful and less anxious.

  1. Neutralization of Electronic Radiation

The glow of electronics can make people feel tense. However, when the Himalayan salt lamp is placed next to a TV or PC, the user feels more at peace.

  1. Reduced Static Electricity

Because the lamp’s negative ions neutralize electromagnetic radiation, they also work at reducing the amount of static electricity.

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How to Choose a Premium Lamp

To choose the best lamp, find a darker colored lamp that features 100% Himalayan salt. Less expensive lamps may feature a lower quality salt. You also want to choose a bigger sized lamp if you want the optimum benefits. Remember that lamps with rougher textures have more hygroscopic potential. Therefore, the rougher the surface, the better the air quality.

One Final Reminder

Finally, make sure you use a heat-producing bulb. An LED bulb does not produce the needed heat, and therefore should not be used. Instead, choose a six pack, for example, of 25-watt tubular light bulbs made especially for Himalayan lights. You can use candles, if you prefer, too.