Health Benefits of Kala Namak or Black Salt

Benefits of Indian Black Salt

The Himalayas have supplied enough salts to serve people in different ways, like health issues, for a long time. It had been in immense use in the past.

With the discovery of purified iodized salt, black salt and other Himalayan salts have gone down.

But since it is beneficial to human health in various ways, people still use Kala Namak as a cure and taste adding ingredient in Asia in the 21st century.

If you want to know more about Indian black salt, keep an eye on the following article!

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Kala Namak

What is Kala Namak?

Kala Namak is a type of salt that comes from the Himalayas. It has got several health-beneficial properties, which also puts it in high demand in Asia.

You can find it mainly in south Asian countries. Kala Namak, or Himalayan black salt, finds its history restored in the folds of the Himalayas.

The salt comes as Himalayan pink salt at first. Later on, it gets processed and purified with other spices adding ingredients and herbs like harad, which gives it the charcoal black color.

The salt crystals are dark in color, mainly ranging from dark brown or brownish-red to jet black. It has got a sulfurous pungent smell, which none can use directly on their taste buds in the first place.

The history and properties of Indian black salt do not end here. If you want to know the knits and bits of Indian black salt, then the following article might help you in every possible way.

Indian Black Salt

What is Kala Namak in English?

The term Kala Namak mainly reminds one of an Indian language as the salt is of Indian origin.

If someday you go out to a foreign land and roam around searching for Kala Namak, it would be pretty tough for you to find out the salt because of its Indian name.

You must be wondering ways to sort out the problem. You have got nothing to worry about as like every other thing present in this world, Kala Namak has also got an English name.

The term 'Kala' indicates the color of the rock salt, which is mainly black. The second term, 'Namak,' means salt in the Indian language.

If you combine the two words, you will find out that Kala Namak is termed black salt in English. You can also use terms like the Indian black salt related to its origin in India.

Is Kala Namak the same as Himalayan Pink salt?

Most people around the world suffer from a common confusion regarding black salt and Himalayan pink salt.

If you are one of those who do not know if Himalayan pink salt and Indian black salt are the same, then the following points will help you look for answers:

  • Origin:

Indian black salt and Himalayan pink salt cannot be the same because of the difference in origin in the first place.

Himalayan pink salt is the favorite of the masses because of its source from the salt mines. But Indian black salt or Kala Namak does not come from the direct mines as they are processed crystals.

  • Properties:

It would be quite foolish to compare Himalayan pink salt to Indian black salt for its rock salt properties.

The two types of salt crystals have several similar properties because Himalayan pink salt is the purest form of salt in the world, which comes with several traces of minerals.

Indian black salt is a part of the Himalayan salt as it is a processed form of the same. The high temperatures and herb ingredients added to Indian black salt during processing and filtration lose a few properties and minerals.

  • Odour:

Himalayan pink salt does not have any specific odor in reality, but Indian black salt, on the other hand, has got a pungent smell of Sulfur because of the heating procedure with charcoal.

  • Appearance:

One of the most fundamental differences between Himalayan pink salt and Kala Namak is the appearance.

Himalayan pink salt has got clear salt crystals, which appear pink, light orange, or even white, but Indian black salt has got a dark brown, reddish-brown, or dark black shade because of its presence charcoal it.

  • Kala Namak Uses:

The primary use of Indian black salt is a spice-adding ingredient in Asian cuisines.

Himalayan pink salt has got several health benefits and is sometimes also used in cooking. But pink salt is rare in food dishes because of the low sodium content in it.

From the above points, it is quite clear that Himalayan pink salt is not the same as Indian black salt in any way despite having properties of minerals and health benefits in common.

Himalayan Black Salt

Is Kala Namak good for health?

Indian black salt or Kala Namak has got several health benefits because of the low sodium content and the presence of a few most essential minerals in it. Here are a few health benefits of Indian black salt:

  • Antioxidant properties:

Kala Namak acts as a health supplement in various ways because of its antioxidant properties, which slow down aging. The iron and calcium content in Kala Namak also helps in keeping the body healthy from diseases.

  • Acidity:

One of the most common problems faced by the people of the 21st century is acidity. Disturbing food habits can lead to digestive issues like acidity or heartburn. Taking Indian black salt in your diet can help you avoid heartburn.

  • Obesity:

Another common health issue of people is obesity, which takes place from disturbing junk diets. Kala Namak can help you reduce weight.

  • Heart health:

Indian black salt helps in improving heart health by reducing cholesterol and maintaining blood pressure. Though intake of a lot of Kala Namak can increase your blood pressure at once, it has got blood-thinning properties that improve your heart health.

  • Diabetes control:

Most of the people of the present world suffer from diabetes. Black salt or Kala Namak helps in diabetes control in the body by maintaining glucose levels in the blood.

  • Muscle Spasm:

If you are suffering from muscle spasms and pain, then Kala Namak can help you out of the situation. The potassium content can help you ease muscle pain at ease.

Benefits of Kala Namak

What are the benefits of Kala Namak?

Apart from the above health benefits, there are several more benefits of Indian black salt. The following points can help you with the issues:

  • The common alternative of common salt:

Common salt or sodium bicarbonate is one of the most common salts in use among the mass. But like every other thing in the world, iodized salt comes with several worrying factors.

If you want to avoid common salt issues, you can easily use Indian black salt as a suitable alternative.

  • Prevents water retention:

Water retention is the accumulation of water or body fluids in various parts or organs of the body. Indian black salt comes with properties like low sodium content, which prevents water retention at ease.

  • Increases blood stimulation:

The body starts responding poorly if it does not have access to proper blood circulation. Kala Namak helps in stimulating blood circulation in the body, which helps keep it fit and fine.

  • Cleansing properties:

Indian black salt has skin-cleansing properties, which purifies the pores from deep within and exfoliates the skin. It also helps in healing foot skin, neck sprains, etc.

Kala Namak also has inflammatory properties that heal skin and other body parts from inflammation due to allergies and other skin irritations.

Why Kala Namak has a distinctive smell?

Kala Namak occurs from the purification of Himalayan pink salt and other ingredients like activated charcoal and harad herbs.

The heating procedure of Kala Namak gives it its distinctive smell. The charcoal gives it a Sulfurous pungent smell, which also smells like hard-boiled eggs.

Rock salt is beneficial to people habituated with vegan diets. The non-veg people do not need black salt as a smell-adding ingredient, but it is quite challenging for the vegans and vegetarians to engulf their food without any alluring smell.

With its distinctive hard-boiled smell, black salt makes it easier for vegans to survive on vegetarian dishes with egg smell.

Kala Namak UK

How do you use Kala Namak?

Despite knowing the benefits and uses of Kala Namak, some people fail to see the expected results due to the wrong intake.

There are several ways in which you can intake Kala Namak. One of the most common forms of taking Indian black salt is by adding it to the cuisine meals directly while cooking.

You can take a few pinches of Kala Namak and mix it with a dash of lemon juice and a little piece of ginger in the morning for getting the best results.

where to buy kala namak

Where to buy Kala Namak?

If you are searching for Indian black salt now but do not know where to find it, you should know that Asia is the birthplace of Kala Namak.

The most popular places to find Kala Namak are India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan. You can easily find original Kala Namak without bits of adulteration from parts of the above countries. You can find it online as well.

The above article can help you with the basic information on Kala Namak or Indian black salt at ease. Go through it to find out now!

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