Himalayan salt lamp oil burners

What is a Himalayan salt lamp oil burners?

Himalayan salt lamp oil burners are used to burn essential oils for aromatherapy. Their soothing and soft glow enhances the mood when used. The Himalayan salt lamp oil burners are made from materials that are said to be originated 2.5 million years ago. These lamps come attached with a cable and can be used plugged into the laptop or the desktop also.

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How do the Himalayan Salt lamp oil burners work?

As salt is known to have hygroscopic properties, it absorbs the vapour from the atmosphere and in the process, it produces negative ions. The viruses and the bacteria in the environment are positively charged and therefore the negative ions induced from the lamp helps neutralise them.

Howdo the salt lamp oil burners benefit me?
The Himalayan salt lamp oil burners are said to have spiritual benefits to those who believe and an impression of enlightenment of the brain. As for those who are non-believers it is said to have a lot of other benefits as well.

  • Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy helps one to concentrate and focus on the spiritual beliefs when one is doing any form of meditation. On switching on the Himalayan salt lamp, the crystals start to light up and set off a beautiful aroma across the room. A few drops of essential oils can also be added to it to enhance the aroma. Within a few minutes, it is said to enwrap the room in its beautiful scent.

  • Ambience

When one turns on the Himalayan salt lamp, it lightens up with a soft sober glow. It fills the room with a beautiful soft glow. It relaxes one visually and automatically helps one calm and be able to concentrate. This is very essential for having a proper rest session.


  • Purification

Salt absorbs the vapour from the atmosphere and then heats up the air around it. This helps to purify the air of the room and get rid of bacteria and viruses.


  • Better Sleep and Improved Immunity

When the mind is relaxed and calm, it can induce the hormone melatonin, which induces sleep. Improved sleeping patterns result in a healthy body with an improved immune system.


Where do I find these salt lamp oil burners?

The Himalayan salt lamp oil burners come in a range of different shapes and sizes. Some lamps are available as sphere ones; some are carved in the shape of a pyramid, angel, or swan. Some lamps are also available where pieces are placed in a transparent glass jar, giving it an aesthetic appealHimalayan salt lamps are available in various structures and forms available across different websites like- The lamp life UK, http://thelamplife.co.uk/


How to take care of my salt lamp?

  • As salt will tend to liquify in humid weather, when not in use, always place a plate underneath it to collect the liquid.
  • Never place it on any electronic devices.


The Himalayan salt lamp provides a perfect choice for gifts for friends, family, or co-workers. You can choose from the vast range, crafted to suit any taste. You can give the gift of improved sleep; the soft, warm glowing ambience and a better quality of air to yourself what are your close ones.

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