Himalayan Salt Lamp Properties

What are the properties of a Himalayan salt lamp?

You must be aware of the Himalayan pink rock salt that has been making waves recently due to its tremendous health benefits. If you are not aware then well, it is a rock salt that has a pink tint which distinguishes it from regular salt which is generally white in colour.

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Apart from the colour, there are other properties that draw a clear difference between Himalayan pink salt and regular salt. The former is considered to be healthier than the latter because it is said to contain lots of trace minerals that are missing from the regular salt.

It is also because of these trace minerals, magnesium, potassium and calcium that it tastes quite different from regular salt.

The people who use Himalayan salt for cooking or other purposes often swear by its healing and spiritual properties.

Why is the Himalayan salt lamp good spiritually?

Himalayan salt lamps are good for all zodiac signs as they restore peace and calmness. Himalayan salt lamp spiritual properties combine with its healing properties helps clear your mind, body and soul of negative feelings.

The salt lamp can be used with any chakras. It is considered that the salt combined the energies of the different elements of nature – earth, sea, sun, and lastly the stars.

Hence these lamps are great if you are going through some tough times and need a way to relax. The lamp is suitable for all types of sun signs so you do not need to worry about compatibility and negative impact.

Do Himalayan salt lamps attract spirits?

No, you can rest assured that Himalayan salt lamps do not attract spirits both negative or positive. The Himalayan salt has no relation to the supernatural world.

Usually, Himalayan salt lamps come in different shapes and sizes and emit a dim yellow glow which aids in relaxation.

The lamp is extremely useful if you cannot fall asleep easily. The days of tossing and turning in bed are over. Get a Himalayan salt lamp so snore like a giant bear!

Do Himalayan salt lamps get rid of negative energy?

Himalayan salts do not get rid of negative energy if you are talking about spirits. But what it does and has been scientifically proven is that it does get rid of the positive ions that are emitted from all the devices in your place - ac, computer, refrigerator etc.

The positive ions are associated with causing depression in humans and hence it is essential to drive away from the positive ions with negative ions. The Himalayan salt lamps emit these negative ions which make you feel all happy and relaxed after you spend some hours soaking in the dim yellow light!

Do Himalayan salt lamps have healing properties?

Although it has gained sudden popularity, Himalayan pink salt has been used for ages now in the Indian subcontinent. The use of Himalayan salt for healthcare and beauty dates back to the middle ages.

There are a lot of Himalayan salt lamp healing properties.

Himalayan salt and regular salt both have 98 per cent of sodium concentration but since the granules of Himalayan salt tends to be bigger some people make the mistake of thinking that Himalayan salt contains less sodium which is not true.

It contains less sodium per teaspoon simply because of the size of the granules. So you can cut down on your sodium intake and achieve the salt salty taste by using less amount of Himalayan rock salt.

The lesser salt you take, the better it is for your heart and your blood pressure will also become manageable.

It is well known that Himalayan salts are more natural because they contain zero artificial ingredients. Whereas regular table salt is highly processed and contains a lot of anti-caking agents which are not exactly good for your health.

The trace minerals are also retained in the salt because it is hand-extracted from the largest and oldest mines in Pakistan. When you use this salt in your cooking, you are consuming all the minerals that are essential for your well-being.

Himalayan pink salt is always the better choice if you want something entirely natural. Salt is also known for aiding hydration and is also amazing for skin!

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