Himalayan salt lamp toxic to cats

The design and décor industry has seen a surge in their demand. The Himalayan salt lamp has also been one of the most popular décor items around. It is a chic and trendy decorative design idea with a minimalistic design and augmentative beauty. It is commonly used as an air purifier and a mood relaxant tool.

Are Himalayan salts dangerous to cats?

There is no doubt that the Himalayan salt lamp is one of the most aesthetic décor options that are available, but it can be fatal for cats. Cats have a habit of licking objects, if a Himalayan salt lamp is placed within their reach, the accident is most likely to happen. Himalayan lamp salt is very vibrant and appealing, cats tend to lick objects and understand the object. The pink Himalayan salt can be lethal for cats because the amount of sodium present in them is dangerous for cats to digest. Cats have a weaker digestive system, and they cannot digest sodium as efficiently as a human digestive system can do.

How do you treat salt poisoning in cats?

The clinical signs of cats having salt poisoning are vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of reflexes, lethargicness etc.

  • Contact your vet:The first and foremost thing that one should do is to contact their vet and tell them about the situation your cat has gone through. They will guide you to do some basic remedies till they arrive at the place to treat it efficiently.
  • Take your cat away: If you see the poison, take your cat out of reach from that and throw away the poison at the earliest.
  • Use of activated charcoal:After vomiting, use activated charcoal to lower down the absorption rate of the poison.
  • Make her drink water:To lower the risk of organ damage, make her drink water. This will lower the effect of the poison on the lungs, liver and kidneys.
  • Identification of type of poison:If possible, identify the type of poison your cat is ingested with. Tread the packaging and the ingredients used, this will help you in understanding the immediate first aid that needs to be given.
  • Do not panic:You should not panic while performing any remedy. Panicking will make you tense and the effectiveness of your activity.

What happens if a cat has too much salt?

If a cat is administered with too much salt it will lead to:

  • Salt poisoning: A cat’s digestive system is very vulnerable and excessive of last cannot be digested by them. It will lead to salt poisoning in them.
  • Excessive thirst:Excess salt in the body of cats will make them more thirsty. Salt bloats a cat and this results in loss of minerals which makes them thirsty.
  • Weakness:A cat loses its reflexes when its digestive system is accumulated with excess salt. Excessive salt makes them lethargic and loss of reflexes makes causes weakness in them.
  • Illness:Excessive salt makes a cat attract illness. Salt attacks their system and makes their immunity weak that makes them fall ill.


In a nutshell, cats are sensitive to salt. Their digestive system is not prone to sodium and excess contact with salt can make your cat ill. You should always take some preventive measures to save your cats from getting into contact with salt.

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