How Do I Know If a Salt Lamp Is Real?

How Do I Know If a Salt Lamp Is Real?

Salt lamps are all the rage nowadays and there is little wonder why. These amazing lamps not only look gorgeous in your home and provide an interesting night light but they are also beneficial to your health. Salt lamps help you sleep better, improve cold and allergy symptoms, and allow you to relax so that you can enjoy your life more. The best salt lamps are the original ones that get their salt from the Himalayas. Is there a way to tell if the one you want is a real salt lamp and not an imposter? Fortunately, the answer to that question is a resounding “yes.”

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How do I know if salt lamp is real

Not All Salt Lamps Are Alike

If you’ve ever wondered how do I know if a salt lamp is real, there are very simple ways to know for sure. First of all, legitimate lamps get their salt from the Himalayan mountains, which cover a total of five continents. Salt lamps get the salt they need from Pakistan so if you read the packaging or look at the bottom of the lamp and it comes from areas other than Pakistan, it isn’t a legitimate salt lamp. In addition, this type of rock salt absorbs moisture in the air, so when you keep it on for long periods of time, it tends to “sweat.” This is especially true if you live in humid areas so if your salt lamp never gets damp on the outside, it’s likely not a real one.

If you receive your salt lamp and notice small chunks of it on the bottom of the package -- in other words, if the lamp has broken slightly or is chipped -- it is a legitimate salt lamp. This isn’t to say that a salt lamp breaks easily; in fact, it takes a lot to cause damage to it but it is also normal to have a few “crumbs” that peel away from the lamp, especially in the beginning. Salt lamps are also dim and uneven, even with a brand-new bulb inside, so if your lamp is too bright, it’s highly unlikely that the lamp is a legitimate salt lamp. So if you ask yourself how do I know if a salt lamp is real, these are just a few things to consider.

Some Obvious Things to Look for

With legitimate salt lamps, there are also some obvious things that you can look for, including:

  • It is expensive: Salt lamps aren’t cheap so if yours comes at a price that is too good to be true, it likely isn’t a real Himalayan salt lamp.
  • It comes with a good return policy: Since salt lamps can be fragile, a legitimate manufacturer will always offer a good return policy in case yours comes broken or damaged.
  • It offers the results you’re looking for: If you don’t notice an improvement in the way you feel, it may not be a legitimate salt lamp; real salt lamps cleanse the air and produce results that are noticeable.

Real salt lamps come in many different shapes and sizes and a fake Himalayan salt lamp is more likely to be evenly shaped and come with a look that has a “manufactured” feel to it. Some lamps consist of square- or round-shaped containers that have chunks of salt inside of them. It’s all right for the container itself to be evenly shaped. However, the chunks of salt should be uneven and oddly shaped.

Since salt lamps are individually made and not mass-produced, each one is a little different than the next one. This means that once you get your salt lamp, it is highly unlikely to look just the same as a friend’s salt lamp because of the unique qualities associated with each lamp. New salt for these lamps is also continuously being mined and just as with gems that are mined, no two pieces of rock salt will look alike.


The qualities that make your salt lamp unique are also the same qualities that can help you decide if you have a legitimate salt lamp on your hands. If your lamp is made in Pakistan, sweats a little on the outside, is irregular in shape, and has a dim and uneven look, it is likely not a fake Himalayan salt lamp. Unscrupulous companies that try to fool people with fake salt lamps are everywhere but now that you know what to look for, finding a legitimate lamp is going to be much easier for you.

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