How Himalayan Salt Lamps Relieve Anxiety and Similar Ailments

Salt lamps can help with Anxiety

Do you constantly check your social media, email, or smartphone texts? If so, you are one of the four out of five adults who have gotten into this habit. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), people who constantly make these kinds of checks are subject to higher levels of stress. To combat this problem, you need to digitally detox. This means finding a product that will significantly help to relieve the anxiety.

If you are struggling with anxiety and want to purchase a Himalayan salt lamp be sure to check out our salt lamps.

Salt lamp anxiety


A Natural Remedy and Light Therapy

One natural remedy that helps is the Himalayan salt lamp. Himalayan salt is a halite or rock salt mined in Pakistan in the region of Punjab. Pinkish in hue, the salt contains trace amounts of minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium, and calcium. Salt lamps made of Himalayan salt provide a number of benefits that reduce the stress created from overuse of electronics.

Benefits of Salt Lamps

Salt lamp benefits include the following:

Natural Himalayan salt lamp

  1. Better Respiratory Health

According to researchers, the salt in salt lamps provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that make breathing easier. There is a name for this type of therapeutic benefit: halo-therapy or salt therapy. This treatment involves the inhalation of micronized salt, which has been found to successfully aid in the treatment of chronic bronchitis.

  1. A Better pH Balance

Pink Himalayan salt lamp products balance out the body’s pH. Proper pH levels support better immunity and encourage excellent digestion.

  1. Air Purification

Using a pink Himalayan salt lamp purifies the indoor air. That is because the lamp or the block of salt attracts moisture, including pollutants. The water vapor eventually evaporates. However, the allergens and dust settle within the salt, thereby cleansing the air.

  1. A Sleep Aid

Sea salt from the Himalayas encourages better sleep and allows people to feel more relaxed and less stressed. Whether you consume the salt or sit a block of salt on a nightstand, its calming influence will be felt.

Some Other Top Benefits

Uses of Himalayan salt lamps cannot be overlooked as they also support better circulation and help in slowing the ageing process. The lamps also encourage healthier blood levels and promote better cell regeneration.

Heart salt lamp

How Electronics Affect Health

By their use of electronics, people become affected by an electronic type of smog produced from radioactive waves that disrupt sleep patterns, produce mental health complaints, and even trigger the development of cancer.

Therefore, it is vital to find a way to neutralise the damage caused by the positive ions created by these electronics. Himalayan salt lamps are designed to increase indoor oxygen levels and emit negative ions into the atmosphere. When this happens, people feel an immediate reduction in stress and anxiety. If you want to get the full health benefits from this type of lamp, you need to find one that is larger. The larger the lamp, the more negative ions that permeate the air.

Place the Lamps Throughout the House

Just the same as waterfalls and other natural phenomena, salt lamps create a holistically healthy environment. The lamps, which are made of a large carved piece of Himalayan salt, typically include a small bulb inside. Made in various sizes, the lamps may be placed in different areas of the house. Place the lamps in bedrooms to receive the benefits of a more restful sleep.

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