Sendha Namak The Natural Remedy for All Your Health Issues

Salt is the daily essential without which our life will be like a bird without wings.

Be it sipping a cup of lemon tea on a lazy evening or relishing a plate full of biriyani to celebrate a great win, you need salt to add flavor to every recipe.

While, people prefer the table salt, black salt, and the other processed salts more. Did you know salts like sendha namak can excite your taste buds equally well along with adding nutrition to your health?

We can feel the excitement in your eyes already. Wait then!

Did you know, you do not even have to add salts to cook a meal if you prepare your recipes on a Himalayan salt rock cooking block?

If you are aware then dive deeper to know the health benefits of the cooking method, you are using. If you do not already know, keep reading to explore it.

Himalayan salt block

What is Sendha Namak and why it is called Sendha Namak?

When salty water from a water body changes form to a pink crystal after evaporation, that is called sendha namak. It is the purest among all the varieties of salts and is free from any chemical compounds.

In fact, it does not even require to be iodized or vaporized.

The sendha namak is popularly known as rock salt and is regarded as the healthiest form of salt available.

Ayurveda manuscripts affirms that sendha namak has the power to conciliate all the three humors or doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) in human body. It is rich in minerals containing zinc, copper, cobalt, nickel, iron, and manganese.

Sendha namak has different names in distinct locations. But in India it is called Saindhava lavana or sendha namak in more colloquial terms.

The reason it is called “Sendha” or “Saindhava” is because it is found in large salt domes in the Sindh region of Punjab district.

Is Sendha Namak and Black Salt same?


One of the similarities between the sendha namak and the black salt (kala namak) is they are both called rock salt. Both are equally in demand in India.

The chief component that is common in the respective salt types is sodium chloride. The ayurvedic usage of both the salts are immense and are both extensively used in every household of India equally in terms of medicine and cooking.

What are the health benefits of sendha namak?


There are many grounds behind the title “healthiest salt” that sendha namak has achieved. Following are the reasons:

Improves metabolism.

Sendha namak is filled with vital nutrients and is rich in mineral content which helps body immunity get stronger and organs work better for a prolonged period.

According to ayurvedic principles, consuming rock salt regularly is beneficial for maintaining overall healthiness of the body.

Good for skin

Research has proved rock salt to be a fine exfoliator for skin. It removes the dead cells and rejuvenates the skin by preventing acne, dark patches, sun-tan, wrinkles and other skin problems.

Applying rock salt is very beneficial when applied regularly and also helps achieving glowing skin tone.

Balances low blood pressure

For people who are suffering from low blood pressure level, sendha namak is a highly effective home remedy for you. It can cure and balance your blood pressure level naturally without any medication.

However, expert advice is recommended to avoid unnecessary complications. As too much salt can make the case worse.  

Himalayan salt chopping block

Does sendha namak help in weight loss?

Yes, sendha namak is a highly effective weight loss home remedy. In fact, people replace the table salt with using the rock salt for their regular usage.

It puts an end to sugar consumption by supplying sufficient amount of insulin in blood which is a major cause of weight loss. It also burns the excess fat of the body promoting loss of weight.

What is the difference between sendha namak and kala namak?


Sendha namak is a natural substance obtained from nature in the salt mines. On the other hand, black salt is a processed item made by the process of calefaction. It is a combined form of charcoal and raw salt. Sendha namak is consumed due to its mineral rich content but black salt helps in making the digestive system strong.

Mineral compound is there in sendha namak such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, sulfate, chromium, ferrous and potassium.

The main ingredient in it is sodium chloride. Whereas, in the kala namak ingredients such as babul, haritaki, amla and bhibitaki are added. The main ingredient of kaala namak is sodium chloride, though other chemicals are also added in it.

Though both are rock salt however, they have a great deal of difference in their composition, form, aroma and their location of origin.

What does a Himalayan salt block do?


Himalayan salt block is an innovative and fascinating pinkish orange hued Himalayan pink salt slabs used for grilling, curing, cooking, chilling, and presentation of food.

Other than enjoying a very amazing food preparation experience, the cooked food on this slab also has some major health benefits.

More than in households, this salt block is mostly used in restaurants by chefs to create deliciously seasoned and flavored cuisine.

How long does a Himalayan salt block last?


Everything lasts if you know how to keep it. While the longevity of a Himalayan salt block depends on your technique of usage, usually it lasts for a century.

Some of the ways that can help you make the block to last more than that are:

  • Clean it regularly without using any kind of sulfate. Handle it very delicately.
  • Let it cool naturally without putting it under water after you are done with your cooking.
  • Do not cook when the block is wet, dry it u before using.
  • Sponge it after use instead of using direct water.
  • Wipe with a cloth after sponging the block when wet.
  • If needed to wash, use warm water.

Is cooking on a Himalayan rock salt cooking block healthy?


The answer to this question is undoubtedly yes. The Himalayan pink salt is known as the “King of Salts”. Some of the health benefits of this salt blocks are:

Acts as an energy booster

Our mother nature has gifted us with every single element we may require leading a healthy life.

This pure salt block obtained from nature is affirmed by a mass of people to have boosted their energy after cooking on it. The reason might be its mineral content.

High nutritious value

The composition of the Himalayan Pink Salt is 98% sodium chloride and 2% of sulfur, magnesium, iron, potassium, and calcium.

Research prove that the salt block has 84 elements in it overall. So, as you can understand, the nutritious measure is quite commendable.

Antimicrobial surface

The porosity of the Himalayan pink salt block is low apart from having moisture retention capacity of salt.

These properties make this block an antimicrobial surface which makes it an ideal cooking essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How do you cook a steak on a Himalayan salt block?

When you have grabbed your Himalayan salt block, it is time to heat it up on an oven. Make sure it is fully dry before heating it up or else the lifespan of your block can get shortened.

To check if the block has heated up, sprinkling some drops of water will do. If they start sizzling, you are ready to go.

Now place the thin and nicely cut steak slices on top of the block. With a spatula, keep flipping it until it gets fully cooked. Your steak is ready.

A sprinkle and flavored taste will make your taste buds jump with deliciousness. Try it out!

Why did my Himalayan salt block explode?

The Himalayan rock salt cooking block with time is achieving more popularity. But there are instances too where people complain of their block exploding suddenly leaving them in shock.

Let us give the answer to the question why your salt block exploded.

First, the natural elements we use have a prolonged shelf life. But they are equally delicate if not handled with proper care.

In case of a salt block, you should not heat it up too fast, you must be steady or else, the outcome will be explosive. Increase the temperature of the block gradually.

Secondly, you tried to cool it down instantly. The salt blocks are organic elements of cooking so it cannot bear any kind of rush.

If you put the block under cold water instantly after your cooking when it is bruising hot, it will explode. To avoid such dreadful conditions, let the block air dry.

Thirdly, invest on a good quality block. Most of the times, it is because of a bad quality or fake block that they explode. Before you buy a block, look for a reliable store who are well known for their goods.

Hope this power packed information about sendha namak and Himalayan salt block was helpful for you.

So, are you ready to ditch your regular salts and go for the ones recommended here? We are certain you are all set. Go for the flavorsome yet healthy dishes.

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