What are the essentials about Salt Lamp Cables?

What are the essentials about Salt Lamp Cables?

The indoor air, as well as the outdoor air, should always be clean. Various measures are taken to clean the outdoor air but when it comes to one's interior, people often overlook it. There are various ways to clean the indoor air naturally. Recently an emerging trend is placing Himalayan salt lamp indoors. It is very simple and easy to operate and has easy maintenance as well.

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How does Himalayan salt lamp work?

Himalayan salt lamps work on two methods when the crystal chunks are heated using a light bulb -

  • As salt is hygroscopic, it attracts moisture from the surroundings and purifies the indoor air.
  • As salt lamps have been seen to exhibit negative irons, when they come in contact with the positive irons in the pathogens in the room, it kills them by neutralising them.


What are the benefits of using a salt lamp?

  • It naturally cleans the air
  • It is a supplement for lighting
  • It gives a very soothing environment


Why are salt lamp cables needed?

Salt lamps are often placed in bedrooms, living rooms or offices. It is placed where it is easy to plug it in. Salt lamps usually run-on electricity and therefore the cables are required which come attached with a bulb holder and often an on-off switch. Salt lamp cables are also sometimes found with a USB, which can be inserted into the laptop or a desktop to use it.


What are a few options to consider while purchasing the salt lamp cables?

Cables come in various forms and are available online

  • There are copper wires which comes attached with a bulb holder, an on-off switch and bulbs which are 15 W each. They fit into lamps that come from most vendors and accessible as salt lamp accessories. They are highly durable and fits as long as the depth of the lamp cavity is 4 inches is including the base.
  • There is also a set of wire that come in black colour and it comes along with a bulb holder. If made from all-natural materials it is reviewed well by customers on facing no issues with its usage.


  • There are flexible flat wires also which comes with a bulb holder and two pin plugs used for extension of lights. It is made from polycarbonate and is black. Some cables also come attached with an E27 LED bulb holder which has B 22 converter.


How To take care of salt lamp wires?

Salt lamp wires like other wires have to be cared for so that they be used for a long time.

  • They should be kept loosely bound
  • They should be kept away from any liquid


One can find salt lamps on online platforms like http://thelamplife.co.uk/. A variety of salt lamps are also found which are available in small sizes and can be used with USB cables.

Salt lamps are a great addition to one's ambience and it relaxes and enhances the mood. If used correctly, they will lead to a pure and healthy physical and mental environment.


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