Himalayan salt pipe inhaler
Himalayan salt pipe inhaler
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Himalayan salt pipe inhaler

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Health Benefits:

  • Purifies Air
  • Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation and airborne infections
  • Relives from Asthma and Allergies
  • Helps in Insomnia (Good night sleep)
  • Reduce Stress

What is a Himalayan salt pipe inhaler?


Salt pipes are used in salt therapy which involves breathing in fine salt particles. A Himalayan salt inhaler is a unique device. This kind of treatment is also known as halotherapy or speleotherapy. An inhaler containing salt particles is called a salt pipe.


According to experts and some advocates of natural healing, halotherapy can greatly benefit people who have existing respiratory conditions such as allergies, asthma, and bronchitis. It also aids with one’s mental health such as with anxiety and depression.


Lastly, those who are suffering from skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis will surely reap the benefits of a Himalayan salt pipe. These days, salt inhalers are designed to recreate a similar micro-climate, providing the same salt-saving therapy at home.


How Himalayan salt pipe inhaler works?


First, the Himalayan crystals will be placed between two porcelain filters inside the refillable inhaler. You’ll have to inhale through the mouthpiece. The passing air’s moisture will absorb the microscopic salt particles that go through the respiratory system.


The air’s humidity is good enough to enrich the air with minute salt particles when the air passes the salt crystals. Through this simple process, you can already inhale these Himalayan salt goodness and enjoy its health perks. 


Benefits of Himalayan Salt Inhaler


Discover the 200 years old practice that helps you ease your breathing and support your respiratory health! It’s amazing to try the benefits of the pink Himalayan salt, which is definitely easy to use. This inhaler allows you to benefit from all-natural salt air therapy or halotherapy at the comfort of your home.


Salt therapy relieves and heals sinus problems, and it also kills off harmful microorganisms. The Himalayan salt has antimicrobial properties that will help you avoid harmful bacteria and germs. It also helps us recover more quickly from viral infections like the common cold. Besides that, there are more benefits from salt pipe therapy like: 


  • Ease breathing to support respiratory system rehabilitation & medical therapies
  • Clean the respiratory system from pollen & other allergies
  • Thin out thick, stubborn mucus, making it easier to release
  • Reduce symptoms of breathing difficulties caused by asthma and COPD


All of our Pink Himalayan Salt is posted with yodel and usually takes about 3 working days from dispatch to arrive.


All of our salt is made of 100% Himalayan Pink Rock salt and of the best quality. If you decide you are not happy with the purchase please get in touch within 14 days of purchase to return the product.





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