Turtle Salt lamp
Himalayan salt lamp turtle
Turtle Himalayan salt lamps
Salt lamp turtle
Turtle Himalayan salt lamps
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Turtle Himalayan salt lamps

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Health Benefits:

  • Purifies Air
  • Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation and airborne infections
  • Relives from Asthma and Allergies
  • Helps in Insomnia (Good night sleep)
  • Reduce Stress


This Himalayan salt lamp turtle is handmade and looks stunning, it has a USB connection and changes colour. Having these in your home brings a sense of peace and calmness into any environment. As each one is handmade they might not look exactly like the one in the photo. People that suffer from anxiety might benefit from having these lamps in their home as the soft ambient glow helps a person be more relaxed. 

This lamp is fairly small in size and sits on a wooden stand to provide strength and stability. These Himalayan salt lamp turtles would be the perfect gift for a turtle lover. You can plug these lamps into your laptop or computer and the lamps can help reduce stress levels. It is believed that these lamps can help clean the air in your home as salt attracts moisture and dirt from the air. 

These salt turtle lamps would make the perfect nightlight, the light is not too bright and it brings relaxation into any environment. People believe that these lamps create negative ions which reduces pollution for electronic devices, such as mobile phones and TV. 

People who practice yoga or meditation might benefit from having this turtle salt lamp, as the soft glow from the lamp can create the perfect relaxing environment for a yoga or meditation session. We offer quick delivery on all orders and we only sell genuine Himalayan salt lamps, you can shop with us in confidence. 


Weight 1Kg less
colour Pink
Power USB



All of our best salt lamps are posted with yodel and usually take about 3 working days from dispatch to arrive.


All of our best Himalayan salt lamps are 100% Himalayan salt and of the best quality. If you decide you are not happy with the lamp please get in touch within 14 days of purchase to return the lamp.