White angel Himalayan salt lamp
White Angel Himalayan salt lamp
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White Angel Himalayan salt lamp

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Health Benefits:

  • Purifies Air
  • Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation and airborne infections
  • Relives from Asthma and Allergies
  • Helps in Insomnia (Good night sleep)
  • Reduce Stress


If you’re looking for a white salt lamp and you want something that is a little unique, there are plenty of lamps to meet your needs. Many of them come in various shapes and designs, including lamps that are shaped like angels. In fact, when it comes to the unique design of white salt lamps, few of them are more popular than those that are shaped like an angel. A lot of people use salt lamps as night lights, and what design or shape makes a better night light than a white angel?

White salt lamps have a lower iron content than lamps that are darker in color, but they are just as good at emitting negative ions that attach to the positive ions of pollutants and then eliminate them. This results in cleaner and purer air, which makes it easier to breathe for people suffering with allergies. Plus, an angel salt lamp simply looks great sitting atop your bookshelf or dining room table. They are also super easy to use because all you do is plug them in and turn them on.

You can use your white angel salt lamp in your home or office, and they look especially good if you work at a church or synagogue. There is no end to the popularity of angels, and when you combine how good salt lamps are at purifying the air with how good lamps shaped like angels are, it is easy to understand why they are sometimes difficult to keep on the shelves. Angel salt lamps are not very likely to wane in popularity any time soon.

Weight 2-3 Kg
colour white
Power 15 W



All of our Pink Himalayan Salt are posted with yodel and usually takes about 3 working days from dispatch to arrive.


All of our Pink Himalayan Salt are 100% Himalayan Pink Rock salt and of the best quality. If you decide you are not happy with the Himalayan Pink salt lamp please get in touch within 14 days of purchase to return the lamp.