White ball salt lamp

White Ball salt lamp usb

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Health Benefits:

  • Purifies Air
  • Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation and airborne infections
  • Relives from Asthma and Allergies
  • Helps in Insomnia (Good night sleep)
  • Reduce Stress


White salt lamps are popular not just because they look great but also because they purify the air and make it easier for people to breathe. Let’s face it, if you have allergies or other upper-respiratory problems, healthier air is a huge help. Salt lamps that are decorative and come in various designs are even more fun to buy, and if you like one that looks like a large sports ball, you’re in luck because they aren’t that difficult to find.

White ball salt lamps are fun to own and look great regardless of where you put them because they match a variety of color themes and decors. White lamps have lower levels of iron in them but still do a great job of releasing negative ions that attach to positive ions and make them disappear, allowing for much cleaner air in the end. Salt lamps are also very “cool” and look good whether your home is small or large, contemporary or traditional.

The ball salt lamps look trendy and sporty, and because they are white, they’ll look good in any room and any home or office. You can take them to work with you or even travel with them if you choose a small lamp. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a salt lamp, these lamps will never disappoint because they look great, work great, and can provide you with many years of reliable service. Whatever you’re looking for in a gorgeous salt lamp, you are certain to find it, especially if you know where to look.

Weight 1Kg
Color White
Power 15 W