White Fire Bowl Salt Lamp

White Fire Bowl Crystal Salt Lamp

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Health Benefits:

  • Purifies Air
  • Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation and airborne infections
  • Relives from Asthma and Allergies
  • Helps in Insomnia (Good night sleep)
  • Reduce Stress


What Can a White Fire Bowl Crystal Salt Lamp Do for You?

One thing that many people do not think about when looking for a salt lamp is the colour of the lamp and the colour of the bulb itself. As one can likely imagine, these colours can make a considerable difference in how the lamp fits into your house and into your life. A lamp that is a bright pink, emitting a warm yellow glow, might not be the best in a number of different situations. When it comes time for you to search for white fire bowl crystal salt lamp, you will need to make sure that you find the colour of lamp that suits your room’s style best. With that being said, there are a couple of different colours you can choose from for the rock itself: white, grey, and pink. In many houses, a neutral colour such as white is going to fit in just about anywhere and everywhere.

White Fire Bowl Crystal Salt Lamp

When it comes to the colour of your lamp, it can actually have a surprising impact on your mood. For instance, the warm and calm light that comes from yellow bulbs has been shown to help with mood and provide a more soothing atmosphere. However, the smooth and sleek appearance of a white fire bowl crystal salt lamp can offer its own type of soothing atmosphere with its unique appearance. These are just some of the different things that you are going to need to search for when you are in the market for a brand-new salt lamp.



All of our white fire bowl crystal salt lamps are posted with yodel and usually takes about 3 working days from dispatch to arrive. 


All of our white fire bowl crystal salt lamps are 100% Himalayan salt and of the best quality. If you decide you are not happy with the lamp please get in touch within 14 days of purchase to return the lamp. 


 Weight 3-5 Kg
Dimensions 23.2 x 14.6 x 14.5 cm
colour White
Power 15 W



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