Himalayan Salt Scrub Benefits

Health benefits of using salt scrubs

Himalayan salt has gained a lot of popularity in recent times due to its number of health benefits. The pink salt has been added to the beauty regimes of women.

The Himalayan salt can be used to treat asthma as well as to purify the air in your place. The Himalayan salt lamp does not only serve as a decorative piece in your room but the soothing golden glow from it helps soothe your soul and helps you to sleep easy.

The benefits of Himalayan salt do not just end there. Let's take a look at some of its pros.

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Himalayan salt

What is Himalayan salt scrub good for?

Himalayan salt is good for a variety of things. Because it is a natural element, it has nearly zero side effects. The salt can be used as a scrubber as well.

Himalayan salt scrub has several benefits for the skin.

  • Exfoliation - Even if you wash your face every day and maybe even twice a day, it will not stop dead cells from building over. The dead cells are your skin's enemy and you need to swab them off to keep your pores unclogged.

Exfoliation is a process that helps scrub off the dead cells from your skin's surface to bring out healthier skin. The process helps to keep your skin smooth and supple.

Exfoliating every day is not necessary but exfoliating thrice a week will help you to improve your skin texture, which can become crusty over time due to the build-up of dead skin.

The process also accelerates the regeneration of new cells which further helps wounds and blemishes heal faster.

People who have stubborn blackheads and whiteheads will find Himalayan salt scrub quite useful. The scrubber can quite easily scrub away the annoying blackheads and whiteheads and you shall have the smoothest baby skin!

A majority of the Himalayan salt scrubs come with other essential oils. Oils like jojoba oils also aid in exfoliation. Combining these two gets you before exfoliation!

Himalayan salt scrub

If you are sensitive to smell, do not worry, Himalayan salt scrubs contain natural fruit extracts that give it a natural fruity smell.

  • Boosts your circulation - This point will answer your question - Can you use Himalayan salt as a body scrub?

Yes, thousand times yes! You can use Himalayan salt as a body scrub because it not only exfoliates but increases blood circulation.

Athletes tend to use Himalayan salt to relieve stress, joint swelling and redness. You can use the scrub every day when you take a bath or we recommend that you use the scrub after a long workout to relax your muscles from the strain you put them through!

Nothing provides relaxation to your joints and muscles like a good Himalayan salt scrub!

  • Maintains skin's pH balance - Did you know that the skin is said to be perfect when it is slightly acidic? This means the ph should be around 5.5 or 6 even. But unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with perfect skin!

When the acidic nature of skin increases, your skin becomes dry, it starts flaking off and you are also prone to infection and sagging skin. When the acidic level is low, you suffer from oily skin and clogged pores hence it is highly important that you maintain your skin's pH balance.

How to do it? Easy. Switch all your skincare products (except maybe your moisturizer) with a Himalayan salt scrub. This is because the majority of the skincare products in the market are alkaline! These products are not suitable for acidic skin.

Himalayan salt facial scrub

Himalaya salt scrubs contain natural minerals and oils that help rejuvenate your skin and keeps you looking young!

How do you use Himalayan salt scrub?

Using Himalayan salt facial scrub is easy. You do not need too many things to get the scrub ready.

Several Himalayan salt scrub products are available on the market. You can buy one or if you are someone who likes sticking to DIY skincare products at home, you can do that as well.

For all the DIY enthusiast, here is a list of things that you need:

  • Himalayan salt
  • Essential oil
  • Coconut oil

Take a small bowl and pour ⅓ cups of Himalayan salt in it. Make sure that the salt is grounded otherwise the pieces will be too big for scrubbing and it might be too harsh for your skin.

In the very same bowl, add coconut oil and 5 drops of essential oil. Mix all of these wells. Make sure that the consistency is not too runny. Achieving the right consistency make take one or two tries but you will get there.

You can add just about any essential oil. Whichever suits your skin, add that.

You can add lavender or even tea tree oil. Please remember to never use essential oils directly on your skin. Always dilute the oils with a career oil or maybe a thick moisturizing before you apply it to your skin.

The purpose of coconut oil is to act as a carrier oil for the essential oil. Coconut also has rich moisturizing properties which help keep your skin soft and supple.

Using the Himalayan scrub salt without the coconut oil will make your skin drier and patchy. Add coconut oil as much as required.

Is Himalayan salt good for exfoliating?

Yes, Himalayan salt acts as a good exfoliator. Since these salts are all-natural, they are additive-free which means those of you who have a negative reaction to certain chemicals can heave a sigh of relief and use the scrub without any second thoughts.

The scrubber will help remove dead skin cells from your skin and thereby increase new cells regeneration.

Exfoliating daily keeps your skin healthy and glowing. But when you do it with a good scrubber like Himalayan salt, your skin is bound to shine!

Can you use a Himalayan salt scrub on your face?

The Himalayan salt scrub is said to be very good for skin whether you choose to use it as a body scrub or a face scrub.

Just make sure that when you are using a Himalayan salt scrub on your face, the salt is grounded otherwise the pieces can cut your skin while you are trying to win the fight against dead skin cells.

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